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What's wrong?November 28, 2018 By Wade TonkinSo you've signed up for the Fanatics affiliate program and posted links toeither the Fanatics site, promo or a product on your blog or a social post.Great right? The money spigot is going to turn on and you'll be able to makean awesome dent in your holiday-related credit card debt when commissions getpaid next month… but nothing happens. What the heck?    Here's a check list to go through to troubleshoot the situation.  * Do you have traffic?   * Are you using affiliate links?   * Are you using text links and product links in content? Or just posting banner ads and hoping for the best?   * Did you leverage affiliate channel approved promotions or coupons?  * Did you give the shoppers "the why" and call them to action?Let's break these down one by one in a little more detail.    **Do you have traffic**?  If you don't have traffic to your blog or social posts, you can post linksuntil the cows come home and you won't see much in the way of affiliatecommissions. So how can you get traffic? There are a few ways that werecommend based on what's allowed in our program. It all starts though withcontent. You need to come up with some content that is of value to someoneelse.    What the content consists of is entirely up to you. Just make sure that youhelp someone else out. Can you help someone find something they are lookingfor? Teach them something? Save them some money? Help them with tips to getmore out of an activity they love? It helps if you base your content onsomething that you know a lot about or are passionate about. It could be yourfavorite sports team, or helping people find the best deal, or how to plan thebest Super Bowl party.    In the case of Fanatics Sr. Affiliate Coordinator Joe Sousa, it's all aboutthat meat (boss). He built a site called CompleteCarnivore.com where he talksall about meat. How to select it, how to cook it, what are the best cuts, whoare the best suppliers, etc. He writes great content, he participates inonline communities and social pages with other folks who are interested in histopic and he makes money from people buying meat and meat related productsthat he then turns around into buying more meat and meat related products. Oh,and as a perk, sometimes vendors send him free stuff because he has madehimself an authority on his topic. Pretty cool right?    Once you have your content together, find communities of people with commoninterests that you can interact with and contribute. Make sure you includeyour link in any social profiles or forum profiles and include your link wherethe platform rules allow it. This should lead to free traffic. If you're usingWordPress to build your site, do some research on SEO and how to optimize yourposts to get traffic from Google and Bing.    If you've got traffic, you have the first part of the equation down.    **Are you using affiliate links**?  Of course I am using affiliate links! I'm signed up as an affiliate right andI posted a link to your site. Well… not necessarily.    You would be amazed to know how many affiliates post links that don't andwon't track. In order for us to track sales, you need to make sure that yourlinks to our site(s) are routed through either the ShareASale.com domain ortheir shortened domain shrsl.com.    _If you post links that go directly to Fanatics or any of our other ecommercesites without going to ShareASale first, your sales will not track._    We provide some great tutorials and tips on linking athttp://fanaticsaffiliates.com/resources/affiliate-101/affiliate-technical-support    If you have traffic, but you're not seeing sales and commissions, this is thefirst thing I would check. Look over all of your links and make sure they aregoing through the proper redirects before they hit our site. If you have anythat aren't, replace them with proper links and you should see your clicks,sales and commissions tracking.    **Are you using text links and product links? Or just slapping up banner adsand praying for that cash waterfall**?  I'm going to tell you something that probably won't shock you much. Banners(on their own) usually aren't big sales drivers. There are some exceptions,like hot market events like the Super Bowl, World Series, etc. where anaggressively posted banner can grab people's attention and get some sales. Butwhen that happens, it's usually when someone posts a banner in the contentcolumn. Here's a pro tip - most people now are viewing the web through mobiledevices. Many of those people have ad blockers, and standard sized banner adsget blocked a lot. So in a lot of cases, if you're relying on a banner adalone, your link isn't even being displayed.    It's about that CONTENT. Work your affiliate links into your content. Useproduct images, talk about the associated product in your own words. Why is itcool? Why do you recommend it? Why does your audience need it? Then call themto action with a text link. If you're talking about a specific product, deeplink them to that product page. If you're talking about your team, let yourreaders know they can shop for their team gear and drop a link to the teampage, etc. People are more likely to click on a text link in the context of apost or article they are reading than a banner ad.**Are you using a affiliate channel approved promo or** **coupon**?  You should use every tool at your disposal to get someone back to our sitemotivated and ready to buy. If we're offering a coupon or promo that relatesto a product you're talking about, make sure to call it out. You will sendsomeone to shop with us knowing what they want, and knowing that they aregetting a deal. Who doesn't like a deal?    You can find out what deals and coupons we're offering athttps://account.shareasale.com/a-dealscurrent.cfm    The links are even ready for you to use there. It's a big time saver. Just doa quick search for the merchant you want to promote and you will get a list ofpromos available and any details you need to know including start and enddates, restrictions, codes involved and the links themselves.**Did you give your readers/shoppers "The Why" and call them to** **action?**  So you spent some time creating some great content and included some affiliatelinks and product images. Great, all set right?    Nope. You're forgetting an important step. Give the audience "The Why" in yourcall to action (CTA).    This is especially true if you've got an established community that you havebeen creating content for regularly and have good engagement with. It'sactually important for a couple of reasons: First, you increase the likelihoodthat someone will click through your link and make a purchase and earn you acommission. Second, if you do it right, you will handle your FTC Disclosure atthe same time.    So what does a good CTA look like? It can be as simple as closing withsomething like:    " _If you like what we do here at (your site name) and would like to supportus, you can help us out by shopping through our link to Fanatics (or NFLShop,FansEdge, MLBShop, etc.) When you make a purchase after you click our link,they will share a part of that sale with us_ "    You see what we did here? The shopper has been invited to participate insupporting the content that they appreciate. People like to help out,especially if they are asked and if helping out is easy and didn't cost themanything extra other than shopping for team gear they were probably going tobuy anyway. Oh, and you also took care of letting them know that there was acommercial relationship behind your linking to our site, which keeps the FTChappy.    You can read more about Disclosure and how to use it to your advantage athttp://fanaticsaffiliates.com/resources/affiliate-101/ftc-disclosures/    So there you have some tips on where to start if you've posted links, butaren't seeing sales and commissions tracked. If you have any more questions,or would like us to check your linking for you, feel free to reach out atpartners@fanatics.com    Happy selling!    Privacy & Cookies: This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website,you agree to their use.  To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here:  Cookie Policy## Primary Sidebar### Upcoming Events**2019 NBA Draft** June 20, 2019### Upcoming Events**FIFA Women 's World Cup Final**July 7, 2019### Recent Posts  * I posted links - nothing's happening? What's wrong?  * Holiday Steals at Fanatics!  * Fall has ARRIVED! Fanatics Updates for October  * "Premium Brands" at Fanatics - what are they and how you can cash in.  * What's New? - August Update### CategoriesCategories Select Category Affiliate Program Updates & News  (7) Brand Stories(2) Marketing Calendars  (2) Resource Center  (2) Tools & Tips  (4)### Proud Member of the PMA### ShareCopyright (C) 2019 * Magazine Pro on Genesis Framework * WordPress * Log in  * Share-A-Sale Bookmarklet  * 9 Things that STOP You From Making Money  * How To Sign Up For Share-A-Sale For First Time